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Consumer Reports details information on ground beef contamination with bacterial pathogens

In my previous blog post, I was discussing how Consumer Reports had conducted an investigation into contamination of retail chicken with known bacterial pathogens. We then discussed in class ground beef, and the likelihood that it will always be contaminated with … Continue reading

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Canadian outbreak of O157:H7 due to contaminated leafy greens

A new outbreak of the strain of E. coli O157:H7 has just occurred in Canada. There have been just 12 cases, but all of the bacteria in those cases have exhibited the same genetic fingerprint, indicating an a common source … Continue reading

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Don’t Eat Road Kill

Don’t eat road kill. Now, for the majority of you out there, this shouldn’t be breaking news. However, to a Minnesota town, this may be important to discuss. This actually occurred back in 2010 but the article is from MSNBC.com yesterday. The … Continue reading

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