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New evidence that the microbiome is important in protecting against allergies and asthma!!

A new study published in the journal Science Translational Medicine  and discussed in the journal Science this week illustrates the importance of a normal microbiome and what changes in your microbiota may mean for long term health. To look find associations … Continue reading

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Fecal transplants as standard operating procedure?

I tell my students that humans are essentially a donut.  Around the outside of the donut, we have our wall (skin/epidermis)  which separates the outside and inside. We humans know and expect to find bacteria there. But what people don’t … Continue reading

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ABO typing-yes it is important

In a just released report from the Pittsburg Tribune-Review , a VA hospital in Pennsylvania gave a Navy veteran the wrong type of blood plasma due to an error in sample handling. The hospital is saying it was underlying medical … Continue reading

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